'Women in the Metaverse' Day

Lisa Buyer
January 11, 2022
'Women in the Metaverse' Day

On January 18, 2022, Lisa Buyer kicks off her ambitious goal - to educate >1 million women about the opportunities in the metaverse - with a VIP-only offering within the Female Disruptors Virtual Summit

'Women in the Metaverse' hosts some of the top emerging technology leaders in Virtual and Augmented Reality, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, DeFi, and Web 3.0

Female Disruptors' Founder, Lisa Buyer announces the 'Women in the Metaverse VIP Day' on January 18, 2022, as part of the 'Female Disruptors' Summit, a virtual event offering all genders a day of community, education, and empowerment. Tuesday's VIP sessions are designed to pave the way for more women to enter the next generation of the internet.

Attendees will learn how to develop a metaverse brand strategy, discover the potential financial advantages of digital assets, tap into the immersive creator economy, and gain the self-leadership secrets from the most powerful female disruptors in the virtual world.

"The Metaverse VIP event is a natural extension of Female Disruptors. This massive technology shift offers tremendous new opportunities for women to make an impact - whether they are joining the workforce or looking to make a career change," said Lisa Buyer, Founder and CEO of Female Disruptors.

Tickets to the Women in the Metaverse VIP Event are $129 at
VIP ticket holders get access to the Female Disruptors Virtual Summit on January 19th featuring tracks on Entrepreneurship, Marketing, PR, Tech, Finance and Mental Health and Wellness.

"Only 16% of NFT artists are women, who have accounted for just 5% of NFT sales," according to Arctactics.

"Female Disruptors is spotlighting women disrupting in the metaverse and inspire more to tap into the opportunity,'' said Buyer.

Buyer's ambitious goal - to educate >1 million women about the opportunities in the Metaverse - with a VIP-only offering within the Female Disruptors Virtual Summit

Speakers at the VIP Event include:

Cathy Hackl (Keynote) "The Female Metaverse, What You Need to Know (and Wear)"- Known as the Godmother of the Metaverse and Chief Metaverse Officer, Cathy has been featured on 60 minutes, CNBC, and Vogue.

Swan Sit "NFTs 101" -Previously head of digital globally at Nike and Estee Lauder, Swan was recently named Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 100 Women of Impact. Forbes dubbed her "Queen of Clubhouse," where she speaks with more than 4MM followers.

Lisa Mayer "NFTs Designed by Girls For Girls - 5Ws" - Boss Beauties is on a mission to remind women that they can be everything they want to be! They have been featured on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square and they are the first NFT to be displayed at the New York Stock Exchange. Boss Beauties has also been featured in ELLE, Forbes, Bloomberg Live, Cheddar TV, and by JP Morgan Chase.

Erikan Obotetukudo "How I Started a Crypto VC Fund Investing in Black/African Led Crypto Founders Globally." - Founder of Audacity, a crypto VC fund investing in Black/African-led crypto startups worldwide. Top 30 Most Influential People in the Metaverse.

Paige Dansinger "Women, World-Building, and Resilience"- Founder of Better World Museum, Horizon Art Museum, and Women in Horizon, where she is a VR Worlds Game Developer.

Navah Berg "Building Community in the Metaverse The Brene Brown Way"- Metaverse Strategist, Social VR world builder, and PR Communications Community Builder.

Samantha Wolfe "Brand Strategy in the Metaverse" - Founder of PitchFWD, a Strategic Consultancy, focused on the Metaverse, VR, AR, & Emerging Technologies and an NYU Adjunct Professor teaching "The Business of VR and AR" & "Marketing Innovation."

Cathryn Lavery "Grab Your Wallet - Girl's Guide to Defi 101" - Founder of Best Self Co — Cathryn is an Entrepreneur, Creator, and Defi queen. Since July 2020, she's turned 5-figures into a 7-figure crypto portfolio through learning and implementing. She created the comprehensive crash course 'Zero to Defi.

Artsy Marie "The Female Future of Social Architecture" - Virtual Reality World Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Entrepreneur. Owner of "Artsy in VR." Built nearly 150 virtual world templates for people to live in and has over 2,000 experiences in VR utilizing her environments.

Fernanda Boccard "Do’s and Don’t on Creating an NFT Collection" - NFT artist, NFT Collector, and Creator of the Collection "Serious and Cool People."

Tickets to the Women in the Metaverse VIP Event are $129 at

VIP guests will get early access to a Female Disruptors NFT collection.
Details to be announced.

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