$FEM Coin Sunsets - Important Update for $FEM Coin Holders on

Lisa Buyer
January 17, 2023
$FEM Coin Sunsets - Important Update for $FEM Coin Holders on

A message from Lisa Buyer regarding $FEM coin status.

Hello $FEM coin holders,

Here’s the truth:

1. $FEM coin is ending.
2. My gift to you - is a free VIP tix to Female Disruptors Virtual Summit - happening this week - come live or watch the replays. Use Code FEMVIP and receive a comp tix.
3. Please see “Next Steps” below.
4. Take action by January 20, 2023


Our feminist cryptocurrency experiment is ending.

The leadership team has signaled that the future of is uncertain and that we coin owners should take any necessary steps immediately.

The bottom line: you have options

But before that: my apology and heartfelt hug.

First, my apology: I apologize personally for any resources you put into $FEM. You trusted me based on my reputation and authority, and influence. I chose because its platform seemed seamless, the space lacked female representation, and I felt it was a trusted brand backed by noteworthy investors.

I’ve always been an early adapter of tech and innovation. Being a pioneer brings risk and a chance to learn. (as my friends Ann Handley and Joe Pulizzi coined the scenario: we had a "rented land" situation) The creators and community didn’t own the platform. To make it fully work, we needed a thriving And $FEM community and - ME -the creator had no direct access to coin holders.

Second, my heartfelt hug: Thank you for participating in $FEM and believing that the future is female.

$FEM - It was news. Then it wasn’t.

The $FEM coin launched in March 2022 and never made traction. With that, $FEM was never part of the headlining social token introduced in 2021. I did not have a chance to launch $FEM fully to my community. Whether given $FEM or purchased it, you supported my $FEM mission and vision, an extension of my brand, Female Disruptors. Thank you!

If you have not seen the emails from, they are offering a one-time, temporary opportunity to "bridge out." You can convert all creator coins to cash via a digital wallet, including my coin $FEM. I encourage you to complete this by January 20th.

I sincerely thank you for believing in the $FEM coin.

Let’s see what the universe has in store.


You have options.

1. Convert your $FEM into $RLY token and bridge out.

How to do that: Bridge out using this form provided by Rally.

Rally permits coin holders to bridge out only once manually. Follow the instructions carefully.

Note that I cannot control this process, nor can I coach you through it.

2. As a token of my appreciation, please accept this virtual VIP pass from me. Meet me as a VIP at the 2023 Female Disruptors Virtual Summit, and let’s enter the next chapter together.

Email me, and I will get you set up with VIP tix and other perks.


Whichever option you select, decide by and act before noon ET on January 20, 2023.

After that time, I will be bridging out whatever is left, and Rally will end $FEM.

Thank you again for all your support. It means a lot to me.

Lisa Buyer
Female Disruptors Founder

$FEM coin creator - 2022-2023

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