CryptoFemme Leadership Panel Joins Female Disruptors Virtual Summit

Lisa Buyer
November 30, 2022
CryptoFemme Leadership Panel Joins Female Disruptors Virtual Summit

Is crypto dead or just getting started? For women, the stats look underwhelming and under-represented.

Meet CryptoFemme, a group of women and femme people who want to earn passive income with crypto, but need to know where to start or have limited time to learn about it.

CryptoFemme will join Female Disruptors for a panel titled "Defining Ourselves as Female Leadership in the Blockchain/Crypto Space."

The discussion will focus on how women are shaping the future of digital currency and blockchain through their work, research, and investment. Panelists will share their insights and experiences on what it means to be a woman working in this space.

Her Story: Crypto Femme’s Founder Natalie Demary

I'm a full-time crypto evangelist and investor. I have a background in marketing and advertising, but I left it all behind in late 2020 to pursue -- You guessed it: Crypto!

In October 2020, more than 20 local ladies in the ATX area asked me to help them get started with crypto...

So I decided to open things up to everyone and eventually get 'CryptoFemme' chapters started in other cities!

Less than one month later, I created @CryptoFemme (FB page) and this group because I understand the desire so many people have:

Wanting to make money in crypto without it taking up way too much time, or WORSE -- having your hard-earned money swept out from under you.

This group is a passion project for me because today (2022), 14% of adults worldwide are invested in crypto...But more than 70% of them are men. Let's change that statistic!"

More Crypto Stats

Did you know that 75% of crypto holders are men? Moreover, 60% of crypto investors are white men under the age of 45 – creating an uninviting culture that gatekeeps women from participating in the $2.2 Billion crypto industry.

CryptoFemme Talks on the Future of Females in Crypto

CryptoFemme Panel at the Female Disruptors 2nd Annual Virtual Summit

Join the CryptoFemme team and learn about their vision for bringing crypto to one million women by 2030 because the future is female, and crypto is the future. Natalie and the team are betting on the massive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology applications by startups worldwide in virtually all industries and niches within the next five years. 

Today only 15% of crypto investors are women, and only 4% of blockchain professionals are women. Let's do our part to create equal representation in the space and ensure that women can win BIG when the time comes.

Meet CryptoFemme’s Leadership Team:

Natalie Demary - CryptoFemme DAO Interim Director (CEO)

Natalie is a co-founder and interim director of CryptoFemme DAO, whose mission is to create a decentralized, cooperative movement of women in crypto centered around education and empowerment of the community. CryptoFemme offers its members access to custom-tailored education and mentorship programs that cater to women of many experience levels in crypto, career advancement opportunities, networking, and social events with like-minded aspiring women in crypto. By providing access to high-quality crypto mentorship and support, our goal is to empower one million women to become — not just successful crypto investors — but the next generation of movers and shakers in the blockchain space. She also serves on advisory boards for SXSW, TXARNG, StartOut, and Empowher.

Taylor Harrel -  CryptoFemme Front End Operations & PR Interim Director

Taylor Harrell is an award-winning, multi-talented serial entrepreneur. Taylor is a 5th generation Austinite and native Texan. Taylor created Lively Company after her baby sister ( they're 21 years apart) and is an active philanthropist. In Taylor's spare time, she chases after her golden blue heeler puppy, Bella.

Lionela Todirean -  CryptoFemme Investor Mindset Interim Director 

Lionela Todirean is the founder of HEAL (stands for Heal, Empower, Achieve, and Love), a mindset coaching practice based in Dubai, serving leaders around the world. She works with high-achieving organizations and helps them create trusting teams by transforming the people within. As a Speaker Lionela sparks transformation that burns the old limitations and sets your potential free. Her personal goal is to touch 10 million people within this lifetime to help them transform their mindsets and lives.

Lee Pera - CryptoFemme DAO Backend Operations Interim Director

Lee Pera founded the nation’s first urban tiny house community in Washington DC in 2012.  As a geographer, she helps citizens and communities to envision and enact housing and land stewardship models that are driven and owned by them. She has mapped land tenure and natural resources throughout Latin America with citizen groups and NGOs, managed geospatial projects for the US government, and educated cities and citizens on tiny house development and zoning. She is currently learning about blockchain technology and setting up a DAO with other community builders to share resources for more economical and sustainable housing models.

Hara Aramaya - CryptoFemme Member Experience Interim Director

Hara Aramaya (they/she) is a crypto mentor who works with those that desire a holistic investing experience. She guides people to navigate the DeFi realm & build their portfolios with conviction, clarity, and balance. 

Outside of cryptocurrency, they guide others to build a healthy relationship with emotional and mental health through nervous system regulation. Hara was also formerly a registered nurse and is currently a healthcare recruiter for federal and tribal run facilities.

Em Perry - CryptoFemme DAO Vision Interim Director 

Creatives, leaders, and visionaries partner with Em Perry to step into their spotlight with clarity, confidence, and consistency by connecting to their inner wisdom and aligning their heart-led message with a sustainable plan they can trust so they can get known and grow their communities in a fun and fulfilling way. Em has shared the stage with 100s worldwide as a producer and host of virtual events. They are known for creating spaces where people can shine in their full expression.

Cindy Rodriguez - CryptoFemme Strategic Comms Interim Director

Cindy Rodriguez Constable is the founder of  Women Breaking the Mold, an executive consulting firm designed to help leaders create a highly engaged workforce through an equity-focused model of compassionate leadership. Additionally, Cindy co-founded RGIC, an agency focused on the powerful world of content marketing using significant publications. RGIC has helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs become contributors to over 100 of the largest publications. She is a featured contributor to, CEO World, Business Insider, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, and Huffington Post. She is an editor at The Good Men Project and has delivered a TEDx Talk. 

Cassandra Wolfe -  CryptoFemme DAO & Web3 Advisor

A recognized Community Builder, Educator, and Web3 Strategist, Cassie Wolfe’s passion for token-based economies, Game Theory, and helping others is the driving force behind her dedication to the crypto space. Cassie has extensive experience in social media marketing and has been building communities across Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram since 2015. In addition to her work in community management, Cassie dedicates her time to onboarding and educating others new to the crypto space. In a previous life, Cassie had successful careers in law and finance.

Find out more about them by watching the CryptoFemme panel LIVE by signing up for the Female Disruptors 2nd Annual Virtual Summit happening on January 18, 2023!
Check out the Female Disruptors Office Hours podcast episode with Natalie Demary!

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