Female Disruptors 2nd Annual Virtual Summit January 18, 2023

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You are invited to book your spot for the 2023 Female Disruptors Virtual Summit - take action and become unstoppable.

Our Events

The Female Disruptors events help unite women and give sparks of ambition and courage to the those who need it. Some women don’t even realize they are disruptors, they have the power to lead and be change agents. We want the future female disruptors to have a better path, one that is without adversity, one that is equal, balanced, and fair without fear, discrimination or harassment.

Speakers at the event:

Showcase your expertise and share actionable takeaways with future female disruptors. The speaking slots will be 30-90 minutes each and prerecorded for our audience.

Who is this perfect for?

The audience of female entrepreneurs and female professionals, freelancers, diversity professionals, college students, CEOs, CMOs, HR professionals, personal and business brands, coaches, recruiters, friends, family, and anyone who wants to get inspired by the future of female.

Topics and Tracks:

About Female Disruptors:

We help inspire future female disruptors and offer advocacy, education and inspiration to get from point A to point B when you feel lost and alone.

Female Disruptors is a passion project by Lisa Buyer. Its mission is to spotlight women who are disruptors in their space. Breaking down barriers whether it’s glass ceilings, algorithms, systems, regulations, traditions, accusations, equations.