Fashion Disruptor Michelle McCormack Plants a Flag in Decentraland

Lisa Buyer
June 20, 2022
Fashion Disruptor Michelle McCormack Plants a Flag in Decentraland

Fierce Studios Founder Michelle McCormack Plants a Flag in Decentraland Selling Fashion Wearables in a Virtual Photo Studios & Event Space

What will your avatar wear to celebrate NFT NYC?  Female Disruptors caught up with Michelle McCormack on how she pivoted from fashion photographer to pioneering the Web3 world from NFTs to Wearables to 3D Virtual Worlds.

Fierce Studios, the Web3 company with a 10K PFP (picture for proof) collection based on real fashion models hosted a grand opening bash in the Indie Village neighborhood of Decentraland to mark the first step in their grand metaverse ambitions.

Ready, Set, Strike a Virtual Pose

Hosted during lunch time (there is  less guilt in the metaverse) the crowd explored Fierce’s four story photo studio which includes two fully equipped photo studios, an art gallery, screening room, large dance floor, graffiti room, and a stunning rooftop. Getting around is fun too. The elevator - taken out of the Star Trek playbook - beams you floor to floor in a flash. Getting down is a cinch too. Don’t feel like waiting for the elevator or taking the stairs? Thanks to the impossibility of getting physically hurt, you can just jump off the roof. The party was attended by hundreds in the NFT / fashion community who dressed their avatars up in custom wearables made by Fierce studios and their co-host Eyes of Fashion.

“Today confirms what I already know in my gut:  people are craving to express their individuality in the digital realm and they are willing to spend for the ability to do so. We are watching fashion come to life in an entirely new way with brands surfacing virtually first, and then in the real world, said Fierce Studios Founder & Creative Director Michelle McCormack.

From Fashion Photographer to Crypto and Web3 Thought Leader

Meet Michelle -the founder and Creative Director at Fierce Studios. She is also founder at Casting Coin, a booking platform that connects major brands directly with models, photographers, makeup artists and other shoot talent. Michelle started her career as a fashion photographer based in NYC and has gradually grown her position as a thought leader in the crypto and Web3 space since 2017. She spoke at VeeCon#1 and at NFT NYC # 2 and #3 about how fashion brands are leveraging NFTs to sell products and grow their brands.

Michelle McCormack
Female Disruptor and Fierce Studios Founder Michelle McCormack

A Proud Boss Beauties Holder Since Its Launch

Michelle bought her iconic Boss Beauties #8638 in September 2021. Why? She loves the art and message of empowerment in general. Michelle chose #8638 because she loves pink and Burberry! 

Boss Beauties Burberry #8638

What Does Mental Health Look Like in Web3?

Michelle protects her mental health in the volatile NFT space by turning off price alerts, setting clear boundaries on how much money she will spend on crypto/NFTs - and sticking to it, and turning off digital all together for large chunks of time every few days.

About Fierce Studios

A Web3 media company trailblazing the Metaverse and the NFT space. Fierce Studios is a proper photo studio in the Metaverse where, someday, real fashion shoots will take place. In the meantime, they will host parties, fashion events, runway shows, and more.

Fierce Models

A pioneering 10K PFP NFT collection where the token doubles as your membership Fierce Models is a pioneering fashion avatar collection of 10,000 NFTs. Female-founded, the team includes veterans of the fashion, tech, and entertainment industries. Fierce is helping token holders earn revenue with their NFTs by leveraging the team’s strong brand relationships. At the same time, they are helping major brands enter the virtual space in a meaningful way by giving them direct access to customers through the token holder’s NFTs. Through their NFT collection, Fierce believes they can help both virtual brands succeed in real-life markets while showing established fashion brands how to prosper in the virtual markets. 

About Decentraland

A 3D virtual world browser-based platform created by Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, and has been in development since 2015. In late 2021 and early 2022, major brands such as Samsung, Adidas, Miller Lite and Sotheby’s started appearing in the space with land parcels selling for between $6000 - $100,000. And today, Decentraland is the mecca of fashion hosting Metaverse Fashion Week with big names such as Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Elie Saab, Nicholas Kirwood, and Estée Lauder, to name a few.

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