Female Disruptors Launches NFT Collection: Female Buddha Inspired

Lisa Buyer
March 23, 2022
Female Disruptors Launches NFT Collection: Female Buddha Inspired

When Lisa Buyer heard the  NFT art market is a not so "meta-diverse" industry, she decided to do something about it. 

Before the launch of the first Female Disruptors Virtual Summit in January 2022, Buyer and her 19-year old daughter Kennedy were working on a Female Buddha inspired acrylic paintings project. Part of a painting and mediation course taught by Whitney Freya. The mother/daughter team started the paintings as a way to spend time together in a creative way before Kennedy went back to college.

“When I started learning more about the NFT space and web3, I thought it was the perfect way to roll the artwork into an NFT collection with utility as part of the Female Disruptors Virtual Summit," said Buyer. "It was almost like it was meant to be!" 

Sad fact: Women and NFTs

Women account for just 16% of the NFT art market, according to a report published by the research firm ArtTactic this week.

The story behind the artwork

"This is a collaboration with my 19-year old daughter Kennedy Carbert.  Thanks to a painting and meditation class we took last summer by Whitney Freya. Together Kennedy and I created these Female Buddha pieces using acrylics on canvas. Then we magically created NFT digital babies.

Female Disruptors NFT Utility

Holders of the Female Disruptors $FEM marked NFTs get special membership perks and benefits within the Female Disruptors community.

Published on OpenSea include the NFTs representing:

Female Buddha of Enlightenment - minted

Female Buddha of Leadership - minted

Female Buddha of Technology - coming soon

Female Buddha of Mental Health and Wellness - coming soon

Female Buddha of Entrepreneurship - coming soon

Female Buddha of Self-Love - minted

Female Disruptors VIPs in the community - minted

Female Disruptors Speakers - minted

Elephant in the Room- Men who support Female Disruptors - minted

This is a boutique collection of female-focused NFTs. We are minting awards, perks, community-driven benefits and just doing creating artwork designed to spotlight women,  pay it forward and level the playing field for women. This means equal pay, gender gap, founder gap, stomping out sexual harassment and abuse of power.

Check out the Female Disruptors collection on OpenSea and next set will be launching to the Rally platform under the $FEM coin.

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