Elisha Chauhan: Hair & Beauty through the Mind of an Engineer

Lisa Buyer
June 28, 2021
Elisha Chauhan: Hair & Beauty through the Mind of an Engineer

Elisha Chauhan is bridging the gap between cosmetics and technology. As the CEO and founder of Hair and Beauty Tour, the Harvard of hair and beauty, she helps professionals achieve excellence through modern and structured beauty practices.

Becoming a Client Magnet Biz

Through interactive masterclasses and gamified courses, Elisha offers a handsome amount of resources to beauty specialists looking to polish their craft and recent graduates trying to kick start their careers.

Elisha says that her courses are designed to achieve excellence and not settle for mediocrity. Her most recent tour, Bridal Hair and Special Occasion Hairstyling (BASH), teaches more than 6,000 hairstyles in just 7 steps:

1 The Course: Step-by-step videos to help you create & launch your hairstyle biz in 60 days.

2 The Community: Private access to live 24/7 support from worldwide accountability partners and beauty professionals.

3 The Coaching: Supportive and genuine feedback through group coaching calls and workshops.

4 The Gamified Learning: Weekly review games to keep you engaged and entertained while learning.

5 The Decoding: Easily decode and master any hairstyle by using competitive assertion.

6 The Success Tracker: An accessible accountability system that helps you stay focused.

7 The Certification: Double bonanza when you cross the finishing line.

Elisha’s interactive beauty platform is unique in that you are receiving an advanced education through online and in-person training.  This innovative environment warrants a plethora of opportunities that may not be as attainable if you were to learn in a conventional salon classroom.

Transitioning from Engineering to the Beauty Industry

From a young age, we are placed into categories based on a multitude of factors like interests, skills, and intelligence. This continues throughout our lives. And as we grow older, we are expected to apply these characteristics into our adulthood: receive an education, find summer internships, and finally, pursue careers based on our degrees.

In college, Elisha was a computer science and engineering major. After graduating, she worked as a Software Engineer for SAP, a computer software company. While the job checked all of the boxes — prestige, reputability, aligning perfectly with what she went to school for — Elisha realized that she wanted more from life.

Connecting Beauty and Engineering

You would assume that Elisha’s dreams always revolved around beauty.  After all, her mother has owned a salon for several decades and is the founder of India’s largest hair and beauty organization for industry professionals, All India Hair and Beauty Association (AIHBA). In reality, the lightbulb didn’t go off until several years after college when she was chosen to be a translator for a Swedish champion who was traveling to India to educate other hair and beauty specialists. Amid translations, seminars, and workshops, Elisha started to connect haircuts and makeup with geometry and light theory. And soon enough, the first blended learning platform for hair and beauty was born.

“My engineer mind mapped out the resemblance between the hair and beauty industry to physics or chemistry.” – Elisha Chauhan

Find Out More About Elisha Chauhan

If you’re looking for ways to expand your beauty repertoire as a career or hobby, meet the beauty coach and guru by visiting her website and following her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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