Zoe Share: From Kindergarten Teacher to Successful Female Entrepreneur

Lisa Buyer
December 29, 2020
Zoe Share: From Kindergarten Teacher to Successful Female Entrepreneur

Zoe Share was a kindergarten teacher when she realized her true passion was business. Years later, she is the CEO of a well-established and successful social media marketing company, Schmooz Media, a happy mom, and a down-to-earth female disruptor.

As a kindergarten teacher, Zoe Share kept planning the way she should tell the parents about the curriculum more than actually working on the lesson plan. In short: she thought about school as a business. That’s when the entrepreneur lightbulb went off. After going back to business school, she fell in love with helping businesses share their message and purposes to their audience. She found that online marketing combined her love of storytelling, learning, and business.

In 2014, Zoe founded her online marketing agency, Schmooz Media. As CEO, she handles the organizational structures, sets the agency’s goals, develops her network and relationships. More importantly, she speaks from the heart and shares her learnings along the way, acting as a mentor and decision-maker with her team. “I truly believe it is my job to guide my team through opportunities that come our way and learn from them as an open-minded and grounded leader.”

Zoe Share

Tiny revolutions lead the way

With so many online marketing agencies on the market, we asked Zoe what makes her different. Her answer? She is interested in tiny revolutions. She understands that it’s not about what other agencies are doing. Instead, she genuinely cares about what people really need. And this year was no different. Understanding that 2020 brought challenges to everyone, Zoe wrote a children’s book, ABC Stay Home with Me, and donated all proceeds to frontline workers. She also started a charitable organization to support front line workers: The Home Front.

Leadership tips for female entrepreneurs

Female Disruptors are all about sharing their leadership skills. Here are Zoe’s Top 5 leadership tips:

  1. Your impact is not about the number of products you offer, it is about how you spark small and meaningful changes to the audience that matters most to you.
  2. Pricing models are hard work. Do your financials, model everything, don’t ignore the numbers.
  3. Don’t ignore your gut. Zoe always follows her gut and data.
  4. Taking care of yourself means taking care of your responsibilities. Every time she unwinds, she says, she is able to better help the people she wants to be accountable towards.
  5. Stop comparing yourself to others. Get the best revenge on yourself by setting and achieving smart goals.

Being yourself is the key to success

Zoe says that becoming a mom has made her a much better entrepreneur. When we asked Zoe who she was grateful to for helping her in life, she said her postpartum team helped her realize she doesn’t have to be a particular type of mother to be a great mother. And that applies to being a great entrepreneur as well. That’s why her favorite quote is “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Zoe has spent a lot of time trying to make herself smaller because she believed that what she needed to do to make the people who cared about her happy. Now, she’s learned that people who care about her want her to be happy too. “I am who I am and I am here to show up and learn. That’s exactly who I want to be.”

2020, and looking towards the future

2020 was the year of COVID and social justice movements. As a privileged white woman who runs a social media marketing agency, Black Live Matters, and the changing political and economic system has taught her many lessons. Zoe started a partnership with a Black-owned business to create a resource list of toys and books for children that feature diversity. Zoe says, “As a Jez, it is my responsibility to treat people the way I want to be treated and lend extra support for those that have been marginalized.”

When discussing where social media will be in five years, Zoe pointed out that it will hopefully become a better reflection of individuals’ needs and interests. Her hope is that social media will drive social change in more intentional ways, and drive advertisers’ agendas less.

Keeping in touch with Zoe Share

In 2021, Zoe is excited to have a second baby, launch her podcast, firing herself from more of the daily operations to let her amazing team shine. She’s even aiming to write a second book! Make sure to follow her on Instagram and listen to her new podcast, The Brand Voice Magazine. Her children’s book can be bought here.

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