Female Disruptors ‘Office Hours’ Podcast Season 2 Now Playing

Lisa Buyer
October 26, 2022
Female Disruptors ‘Office Hours’ Podcast Season 2 Now Playing

Grab your pink headset! The Female Disruptors podcast is now on the air!

What do Krista Neher, Dr. Trevor Cates, Charline Li, Natalie DeMary, and Sarah Nally have in common? They are all on the podcast guest list of the just launched Female Disruptors Office Hours. 

Lisa Buyer announces her latest podcast to hit the digital airwaves, the Female Disruptors Office Hours podcast. It's where you can learn from the most interesting women disrupting in their space to share their stories. 

Female Disruptors Office Hours podcast is powered by the $FEM coin and can be found on all podcast platforms, including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google, and YouTube. 

Female Disruptors Podcast Inspires Women To Become Unstoppable

Today’s women are burned out, underpaid, overexposed, and left out. We are ready to take action and take our power back!

✔️ Ageism, ✔️ inequality, ✔️ discrimination. 💪 Let’s change that.

With the Female Disruptors  ‘Office Hours podcast, Lisa Buyer interviews female disruptors who are making changes and leaving a mark in their respective fields of the profession from all over the world. These female disruptors will share their experiences, knowledge, and expertise to future female disruptors like YOU.

This podcast show will touch base on a variety of topics that shines light on what females can learn more about and help them succeed in their respective profession.

✅ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

✅ Female Guide to the Future of Work

✅ Transform and Inspire- Trauma, Recovery, Healing, Creativity, Energy

✅ Female Entrepreneurship, Mindful Leadership, Empowerment

✅ Digital Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media

✅ Women and Law, Money and a Twist of Crypto

✅ Web3, NFTs and the Metaverse

✅ Burnout, Mindset, and Reset

✅ Mental Health and Wellness

And a whole lot more!! 🤩

Learn from Female Disruptors like Boot Camp Digital CEO Krista Neher, the Chief of Wonder Sarah Nally, and Naturopathic doctor and the host of the prolific documentary series - “Bustling Myths & Balancing Hormones,” Dr. Trevor Cates, CryptoFemme Founder Natalie Demary, and founder and CEO of Altimeter Group and author of the New York Times bestseller Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform How You Lead Charlene Li!

Wanna be a female disruptor? Subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, and hear the first five episodes NOW!

The future is female. The future is you. 💗

Hear more from Lisa Buyer and the Female Disruptors at the Female Disruptors 2nd Annual Virtual Summit happening on January 18, 2023!

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