The Intelligence of Happiness by Gi Gi O'Brien

Lisa Buyer
September 6, 2021
The Intelligence of Happiness by Gi Gi O'Brien

“Not a simplistic 'how-to' book. A highly intellectual, transformative understanding of happiness and well-being." —Mike Paseornek, previous President of Production at Lionsgate Motion Picture Group

“Gi Gi is a brilliant mind who bravely tackles a complex topic like mental health and makes it more accessible. This book creates a unique approach to life satisfaction that will serve humanity well." —The Honourable Richard J Evans, CEO of Octavius GB LTD

Gi Gi O'Brien Author of Intelligence of Happiness

“A creative framework built on neuroscience findings, cognitive behavior and somatic therapies enhanced with personality, depth, and raw realistic guidance. With 30 years experience in social work and psychotherapy, it is refreshing to have a book like this." — Christine Harris, International Psychotherapist


As entrepreneurs with busy schedules, parents with the weight of their child’s world on their shoulders, friends and partners being torn in a million different directions, we often forget ourselves in the process. Gi Gi O’Brien proposes that it is time to capitalize on what we, as human beings, are truly capable of happiness.

The goal of life is joy, and you are the only factor that determines your measure of happiness. Gi Gi O’Brien’s new book, The Intelligence of Happiness: How to Thrive Using Authenticity, Self-Alignment and Simple NeroPsychology, opens doors to new opportunities to ensure a more abundant life. Her intelligence model shows you how to align your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and behavior to understand true happiness.


O’Brien transcends suffering into self-actualization. Her book, The Intelligence of Happiness, summarizes how her decade-long mental health and entrepreneurial journey shaped her pain into power and her failure into fortune. This book is for anyone ready to discover their trifecta of Self (affective, cognitive, and executive) and support the alignment to heal, access, and embrace happiness and unlock brilliance. When you finish The Intelligence of Happiness, you will finally understand what true happiness means and how to reach it. 

To start your journey to happiness here is access to an exclusive excerpt from Gi Gi’s book. 

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