Laura Markz Teaches Women to Kick Ass, Not Kiss Ass!

Lisa Buyer
August 7, 2019
Laura Markz Teaches Women to Kick Ass, Not Kiss Ass!

Line up the shot glasses and prep for an entrepreneurial female buzz with Laura Markz.

Her mission is to help other women looking to build or grow an online business. She is teaching women how to kick ass and not kiss ass.

Laura’s Online Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs tools and resources are a down to earth, booze-filled approach to digital marketing. She’s known for mid-sentence f-bombs among seriously smart online marketing strategies aimed at small and mid-size female entrepreneurs.

Home Base?

Milwaukee, WI

Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

As a former online strategy executive in the corporate world, for over a decade, I helped big brands find even bigger success by leveraging modern, high-impact marketing strategies online. But what I realized was…the true heroes are the ones working their asses off on the inside who want nothing more than to pursue their own dreams. And the ones who already made it to the outside, but now find themselves working their asses off trying to stand out and keep up.

So, now I’m here to level the playing field. My goal is to give affordable access to the types of strategies and advice the big brands get, so small biz owners, budding entrepreneurs and side hustlers can grow their own empires without shelling out the big bucks. Because I’m all about a David and Goliath story. And I know so many out there have big ideas, but just need a little guidance to get them off the ground or take them to the next level. So, let’s do this.

When did the entrepreneur light bulb go off?

Okay, so we all have a tipping point, right? That point in our lives where something happens that gives us the push we need to make that leap we’ve always wanted to make but never had the courage to do. Well, unfortunately for me, mine had to be a near-death experience and multiple surgeries following the birth of my son.

I’ll spare the listeners the details, but it was a real bummer. I mean, as you all know… having a newborn is hard enough… Especially for someone like me who knew absolutely NOTHING about babies… Like, I’m more of a dog person… And then you add something like this on top of it, and it really changes you and your perspective on life and how you’re spending your time. But I’m a huge believer in “everything happens for a reason.”

And that was just what I needed to finally be like



Let’s do this. I’m quitting my job and I’m starting my own business.

Now, this probably was not the smartest decision looking back since I had a very cush position as the youngest executive at the largest independent ad agency in the Midwest. I was leading my own team building online strategies for large, global brands. So I was letting go of all of that. And we just bought a new home… And obviously, we just had a new baby… So I was clearly delusional. BUT none of the normal things that would have worried me before this experience was worrying me. All that was important to me was that I was spending my life doing what I loved and making an impact.

So here I am. I’m following my entrepreneurial roots as my own boss and sharing my knowledge in new ways, to new people like who’ve probably also had a tipping point at some point in their lives. And who are also trying to build something big for themselves.

So my mission is to help other women achieve at this. Anyone who’s looking to build or grow a business online can consider me their personal online marketing consultant. But like a fun one who wears pajamas every day, drinks a questionable amount of wine, and swears like a sailor.

Laura Markz

What advice would you give other women wanting to start a biz?

Systems and Connections.

Number one are the systems I have in place to grow my business, most of which are on autopilot.

I mean I’m sure everyone can relate to this… But I’m a big fan of doing as little as I can to get the biggest results. Not only do these systems make my life easier, but they also simplify the entire experience for my prospects and customers. I’ve developed clear paths for them to follow in order to help them reach their goals as quickly and effectively as possible. And in turn, this helps me reach mine. I’ve really mastered how to prioritize where to focus, and how to create an omnichannel experience where everything works together seamlessly towards a clear end goal. And this has freed up so much of my time to work on other areas of my business.

The second thing I’d attribute to my success… and this isn’t really a method, but it’s too important not to mention… Are the connections that I’ve made with other entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs, especially those who run their business entirely online, it can be so easy to isolate yourself. You just get so immersed in what you’re doing and all of a sudden you look up and realize you’ve been in your dark basement for last 5 days straight, and haven’t even showered or fed your dog and all you’ve been eating are stale Cheetos (or so I’ve heard… not a personal experience of mine of course hahaha). Seriously tho, don’t isolate yourself, because the connections you build with other entrepreneurs not only makes this whole wild ride more enjoyable, you learn things and are exposed to things that you would have never figured out or found on your own.

I personally am a part of a mastermind with two other girls in my industry, and we seriously talk every single day… sharing things we’ve learned, referring people to each other, venting about significant others, everything. We have yet to meet in person (although we are planning a fun girls trip later in the summer, and a really exciting collaboration I can’t speak about yet), but I’d consider them two of my closest friends. I just adore them. I don’t know what I would do without them.

How do you bring goodness to the world?

I live to empower women to follow their passions and take control of their own lives by building successful careers as their own boss.

None of us can achieve success without some adversity along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story about that?

My husband, Matt! He’s always been 100% supportive of my crazy (and often irrational) dreams. He’s always believed in me no matter what. Oh, and he’s my accountant

What are your “5 Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Experience” and why?

1. Be a learn-it-all, not a know-it-all.

The most successful entrepreneurs in the game are not the ones who know the most, but the ones who realize they have the most to learn.

2. Don’t just be open to change, use it as your secret weapon.

It’s our human nature to be averse to change. When change is on the horizon, we’re either freaking the F out, in denial or completely oblivious to it. So with that, every time a big change in the marketplace or the online space occurs, there’s a natural drop off from the elite group who’s sitting pretty at the top.That means that with every change, new seats at the table open up! Change brings a huge opportunity for NEW, emerging leaders to grab a seat at the table… those that see it, react to it and use it as a competitive advantage.

3. When it comes to the hits you’ll take, have a zero F**ks mentality.

Entrepreneurship requires thick skin and resilience, so you’re able to quickly bounce back from every jab and failure without unraveling emotionally. Every time you F something up… Which will be A LOT. Instead of thinking, “whelp, guess I’m not cut out for this,” you have to realize that this is just a part of the process.
If you’re not getting negative attention and you’re not messing up, you’re not trying hard enough. Channel some of those Erika Jayne vibes… “How many F**ks do I give? ZERO!” Fiercely approach everything with an “I got this” mentality. Learn from your mistakes, adapt, and dive back in.

4. Be an attentive giver, not a greedy taker.

Most entrepreneurs start out selfishly… on a mission to change their own lives and find massive success. And that is totally fine! We all gotta look out for #1. BUT if you stay too focused on that, you’re not going to get anywhere. You can’t connect with someone that you know nothing about. Truly embrace and connect with who your target audience is, the situation they are in, and the feelings they have. Know them better than you know your best friend. And make your whole mission to use what you know to meet them where they are and better serve them.
Roll out the red carpet. Go above and beyond for them. This is the only way you will successfully get their attention, attract them to your offer and business, connect with them, and build long-term trust.

5. Hold on tight to the fire you had when you started.

I know it’s cheesy AF, but one of my favorite quotes of all time is from Steve Jobs… “The only way to do great work is to love the work you do.” You may be great at something, but if you stop enjoying the ride, then your work will suffer.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the whole entrepreneurial “hustle” and completely lose yourself and the reason you started this whole journey in the first place. You have to find ways to keep that fire alive or everything you do will suffer. Always remind yourself why you started in the first place. Remember to laugh at the little things, revel in the big successes, learn from the mistakes, and most importantly, enjoy the ride.

Favorite “Life Lesson Quote”

“The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.”

-Malcom Forbes

We have one life to live, so if we aren’t investing all of ourselves into making it exactly what we’ve dreamed of, then we’re only going to have regret.

Is there a person in the world whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why?

Rachel Hollis

Secret Talent?

Most days in a row wearing leggings.

Zodiac Sign?


Currently Reading?

If by reading you mean listening on Audible on 2x speed… Traction, Clockwork, Rocket Fuel

Where will social media in five years?

Oh gosh… as close to IRL as it gets.

Favorite Drink Order?

Rosé, Margarita, New England IPA (I can’t pick, I have so many)

Favorite Instagram Account?


Must-Have Technology?

Depends if we’re talking software or hardware here… software: LeadPages!

Hardware: my third arm (aka my iPhone)

Favorite Way to Decompress?

Wine, Pizza Rolls, and The Real Housewives

Twitter handle?

@lauramarkz (although Instagram is the best place to find me… also @lauramarkz)

Women You Admire?

Will everyone hate me if I say the Kardashians?

They’re all smarter than everyone thinks…

Linkedin Profile?

What are you excited about for this year?

The launch of my new (free) weekly videos series: Biz & Booze ( AND the launch of my program to help entrepreneurs successfully grow their business’s online… on autopilot (

Grab your jammies and a cocktail and join Laura for her next online learning session

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