Female Disruptor of the Year, MVP, and Rising Star: Women Who Shoulder the Legacy of Disruption

Lisa Buyer
March 7, 2022
Female Disruptor of the Year, MVP, and Rising Star: Women Who Shoulder the Legacy of Disruption

A women can be anything she wants to be - including an NFT!

As a woman-owned magazine fiercely stacked with female columnists, we confidently selected dominating forces in tech and social to hold the coveted titles: Female Disruptor of the Year, MVP, Rising Star and Role Model. They are 21st-century leaders and visionaries with a burning desire to collaborate, cultivate and educate the world. Read on to see how they should the legacy of disruption.

Cathy Hackl Named Female Disruptor of the Year

Dubbed Godmother of the Metaverse by Nike and Chief Metaverse Officer of the Future Intelligence Group, Cathy Hackl is a powerhouse tackling the male-dominated tech industry. She is a shining example of expertise, authority and credibility, and her extraordinary achievements mirror these facets. 

In the past year, she:

✅Signed the first Metaverse agency of record in history

✅Received hundreds of media coverage pieces

✅Millions of followers across social and virtual platforms

✅Earned 6.5 M views, 1.5 B audience & readership and 12K + engagement

This globally recognized American tech futurist levels with the everyday social user on the workings of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and web3. Through media visibility, the metaverse grows and so does Cathy’s following. From interviews on CNN to contributions with Forbes, you’ll find her extended virtually everywhere. In a recent interview with 60 minutes, she demystified the metaverse, calling it the convergence of our physical and digital personas. Cool, right? The future is here - power up and go follow @cathyhackl for more!

Mandy McEwan is Female Disruptor MVP  

Success is not measured in how much you gain, but what you leave behind. Mandy McEwen, Founder of Luminetics LinkedIn Training and B2B Mod Girl Marketing Agency, embodies the strength and spirit of female disruption. In this dog-eat-dog business world, she helps women leverage their innate superpowers. 

Awarding Mandy Female Disruptor MVP status was a no-brainer. After all, women like Mandy who genuinely support and encourage women are direct leaders in our futurist female movement. 

Her Instagram feed is flooded with advice for women entrepreneurs and business leaders to follow. One best practice, in particular, was to share your stories with confidence. She said that when you leverage your unique experiences and voice with the world on social platforms like LinkedIn, it goes a long way.

How are you going to be your best self in 2022? We suggest utilizing the secret weapon of creative and inspiring social shares. How? Start by listening to Mandy dish out LinkedIn PR hacks and tips on Social PR Secrets Podcast, and be sure to follow her on Instagram @mandymodgirl.

Fernanda Boccard Crowned Female Disruptor Rising Star

“NFTs (non-refundable tokens) are a huge opportunity for artists, entrepreneurs, and musicians but treat this opportunity with respect.” -Fernanda Boccard

Interested in NFTs? Before doing so, ask yourself these two important questions: Who are you? And what would you like to share with the world? By mixing art, characters and storytelling, Fernanda Boccard masterfully increases her NFT footprint.

She is a success story and rising star in action, not only dedicated to her NFT collection, Serious and Cool People, but also an educator on the subject. As a keynote speaker at Lisa Buyer’s first annual Female Disruptors Virutal Summit, she shared her learning curve with digital assets and also explored different platforms, marketplaces, and blockchains available to mint your first collection. 

Fun Fact: Serious and Cool People was the first NFT that Female Disruptors Founder, Lisa Buyer, purchased. And Fernanda also created a one-of-a-kind NFT just for Lisa.

Fernanda is a helpful resource when it comes to understanding the long-term vision that is an NFT. Discover your NFT path and join women in the metaverse by connecting with her on social today (LinkedIn).

The Future is Here, and it’s Definitely Female

Inspiration, wisdom, and support. That is the foundation of feminine power. When we stand together, we are stronger than ever. The future is here, and it was made for you and me. Cultivate and create a new beginning alongside countless women just like Cathy Hackl, Mandy McEwen, and Fernanda Boccard. 

The most influential Female Disruptors of our generation at your fingertips. Now available on YouTube, Women in the Metaverse with host Lisa Buyer. Click here to learn more!

Honorable Mentions

While every female disruptors deserves a trophy, sticker or shoutout, these shining stars get an honorable mention for breaking glass ceilings and going above and beyond.

Lisa Mayer - founder of Boss Beauties is our role model!

Gina Paolini Ageism Disruptor

The best - all of these superlatives are recorded in the blockchain as NFTs -Female Disruptors history is made.

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