Female Disruptors Launches Crypto Currency $FEM Coin Now on Rally

Lisa Buyer
May 5, 2022
Female Disruptors Launches Crypto Currency $FEM Coin Now on Rally

Move over APECoin; the FEMCoin is here - the first crypto coin dedicated to supporting the future of female equality, diversity, and inclusion regardless of gender or generation. Lisa Buyer, PR entrepreneur, author, and founder of the women-led organization Female Disruptors, announces the $FEM Coin with a mission and vision to support the future of females.

$FEM coins can be used to hold or purchase exclusive educational and product offerings, merch, and future NFTs that unlock levels of access to the Female Disruptor’s exclusive offerings and private online community.

Buy your $FEM coin here on the Rally network

Females are disrupting the next iteration of the internet, and it pays to participate. Introducing a new social token $FEM utilizing the extensive experience of women from all backgrounds and ages.

Female Disruptors announces its cryptocurrency called $FEM Coin, available on the Rally platform. Created as an extension to Female Disruptors, the $FEM Coin is a social token that enables transactions, access, and more creative innovations for the Female Disruptors economy and community. 

Holders of the $FEM coin benefit from the improvement in the coin valuation as well as access to professional women offering mentorship, exclusive offerings, real-time advice and utilities, education, and opportunities in 

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self-leadership
  • Technology
  • Public Relations and Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Parenting
  • Fashion
  • Financial Freedom and Crypto
  • Web 3, Metaverse and NFTs

"I am proud to announce our female-focused digital economy and community where each generation is encouraged to learn from each other," said Buyer, author and former PR agency owner who founded Female Disruptors in 2019 on International Women’s Day when she realized females were not getting their fair share of the media spotlight.

”Connecting social, search, and PR is what I’ve done for decades. Still, there’s always been something missing from the communities I’ve been a part of - true ownership and the opportunity to crowdfund and give females their fair share of the media spotlight. The introduction to $FEM coin changes the social game and allows you to be in the game vs. scrolling, liking, or commenting.
For the first time, social media doesn’t have to be owned by anyone it can be owned by EVERYONE,“ said Buyer.

Alarming Stats Impacting Women

Globally, women, on average, earn only 68 percent of what men are paid for the same work. In the United States in 2020, women earned 84 percent of what men earned, according to a Pew Research Center. 

Another stat shows female CEOs get a dismal two percent of all venture capital, and minority founders get less than one percent.

Buyer looks to change that and reach one million women and non-binaries in 2022. The mission is to impact the brutal statistics plaguing women in every industry and generation, including the pay gap, gender gap, founder’s gap, ageism, sexual harassment, equal rights, racism, sexism, and abuse of power. 

Women-led brands - together, we are better.

“While it’s encouraging to see entrepreneur celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Randi Zuckerberg and women-led NFT collections like Boss Beauties and MyBFFs use their platforms to empower women, we have a long way to go - ‘together we are better,” said Buyer. 

The $FEM coin helps support the mission and vision of Female Disruptors for all women-led organizations aligned with leveling up the playing fields.

“Men and society need to be modern-day educated and, in a way, rehabilitated to take on a new mindset for what women and non-binaries can accomplish and how to level the playing fields,” said Buyer. “Women, especially women of color and LGBTQIA, are at a complete disadvantage and carry a greater burden regarding stress, financial security, and access to equal opportunities.”

Female Disruptors Say Let’s F*cking Go!

Buyer curated more than 50 top-tier female experts from around the globe and metaverse to share their experiences during 2022 Female Disruptors’ events. Speakers including Cathy Hackl, Rhonda Britten, Whitney Freya, Gi Gi O O'Brien, Swan Sit, Katie Wells, AmyK, Eda Aquilar and Dana Todd. Here’s what they have to say.

“We want to empower and elevate women to design the life they want to live and deserve,” said Eda Lourdes Aguilar, fashion designer, NFT collector, and $FEM coin holder who is part of the Female Disruptors founding circle.

Aquilar, who spent 15 years in finance before transitioning to her passion for fashion -  recently published the “101 Guide for Women to Learn and Love Non-Fungible Tokens.”

"I support the $FEM initiative and the future of women in web3 commerce. Let’s F*cking Go!" said Emily Carrig a Female Disruptors speaker and NFT analyst/collector dedicated to helping women level the playing fields in web3.

Carrig is the founder of True Stars NFTs and an NFT Degen and Collector. She is passionate about NFT projects and brings her web3 experience to create a unique project and team.

“Community is essential in the business world.  There is nothing more vital today than bringing like-minded individuals together to build. The keys are in the people's hands, let’s see how fast they can drive brands while they do it with their powerful, interoperable engines,” said Navah Berg, Sr Community Specialist NFT Marketplace.

Who Should Invest in the $FEM Coin? 

Anyone can buy and hold the $FEM coins to ignite the mission and vision of Female Disruptors that began in early 2019. The creator coins can also be used to access educational programs and events that come packed with utility and community to participate in the future of females.

This is your invitation to buy, join, be a part of, and grow $FEM.

Female Disruptors believe the future is: 

  • Female
  • Diverse, Equal, Accessible, and Inclusive 
  • Crypto
  • Open 
  • The Creator economy 
  • Community
  • Collaborative
  • NFTs with utility, value-driven purpose, and Community = Empowerment

The $FEM coin will ultimately change the playing field, build community and reverse history for the future of females.

About the Rally Network

Rally is a Web3 platform that enables creators to build independent communities with their fans through social tokens and NFTs. Social tokens and NFTs are the digital currency and digital goods that power these communities. Because tokens exist outside of any platform, tokens incentivize communities to gather around the creator rather than the platforms the creator uses.

For more information, visit 

About Female Disruptors

Female Disruptors is an organization founded by Lisa Buyer in 2019, dedicated to shining the spotlight on women disrupting and sharing the superpowers on how to level the playing fields for all women and non-binaries. $FEM Coin is a Social Token used to engage the crypto extension of the Female Disruptors’ brand. Past virtual experiences included globally renowned female speakers including Boss Beauties Lisa Mayer, world-renowned Metaverse Author / Speaker Cathy Hackl, Charlene Li, Wellness Mama Katie Wells, and Playboy’s Chief Brand Officer Rachel Webber.

For media inquiries, partnerships, collaborations, sponsorships, investors or internships, contact Lisa Buyer

What is $FEM coin?

$FEM coin our creator coin and a cryptocurrency built on The Rally Network (an open, decentralized network powered by its native ERC-20 governance token, $RLY).

New to crypto? 

For some $FEM coin holders, this might be the first exposure to crypto.

Not new to crypto? 

If there can be an $APE coin, there can be a $FEM coin with all the built-in utility and perks every Female Disruptor can imagine.

What is a creator coin?

It is a digital currency an individual or business can create and use as its accepted currency and means of payment for its services.

What do I get if I buy  $FEM coin(s)?

When you buy and hold $FEM, you have options - 

Option 1

Buy and hold - by doing this, you support the future of females and all genders looking for diversity, equality, and their fair share of the spotlight. 

Option 2

Buy and participate - When you own a $FEM coin, you get access to exclusive benefits, rewards, and discounts as a $FEM community member. Think of it like membership rewards, but more exclusive, personalized and valuable. 

And, as our Female Disruptors community grows, we will be using $FEM coin to build our economy.

Option 3

You can participate and earn a $FEM coin by being part of the $FEM team. Examples include moderating the community, writing articles, managing social media and other perks listed on the landing page. 

How do I get some $FEM coin in my crypto wallet?

We've got you! 

Here are a couple of ways to get $FEM coins.

  • First, by subscribing to the Female Disruptors newsletter we will send you 250 $FEM coins to get started.
  • Second, you can get $5 USD in $FEM for every new female disruptor subscriber with a unique referral url found in our newsletter or emailed to you.
  • Third, use $FEM coin to buy services and products listed on the $FEM landing page, including courses, content, coaching, training, and consulting.

Lastly, if you'd want to buy some $FEM without doing any work, you can purchase $FEM on the network (where $FEM coin trades). Just pick up a Rally username and go to the $FEM coin main page. 

Buying $FEM coins is a way of investing in the future of females and all genders across the world.


*$FEM coin subscription and referral pay-out program is NOT available in all countries. $FEM subscription and referral program is subject to change, at any time, without notice. Female Disruptors reserves the right to reject referrals at their discretion. This is not financial advice

Have more questions and benefits, uses and other FAQs? Go here.

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