Digital Detox Secrets by Lisa Buyer

Londyn Swanson
July 5, 2021
Digital Detox Secrets by Lisa Buyer

Digital Detox Secrets 

by Lisa Buyer

Lisa Buyer
“Surviving, let alone thriving, in a toxic digital world can be a struggle for even the savviest and intelligent of people. Thank you, Lisa Buyer, for the many insights on how to stay true to our core humanity and help us bring our whole selves into each day, each relationship, in this hyper-connected society that is the new normal of the digital age. I need to use my CBD oil now and do some yoga.” — Erin Fravel, Finance Executive, SAP
“Staying happy, healthy and balanced is critical to perform at the highest level. No matter what your endeavor, if you’re burned out, distracted and overwhelmed you’re going to be leaving results on the table. In Digital Detox Secrets Lisa shows you how to avoid that increasingly easy to fall into trap. She brings a supremely practical approach to achieving work-life balance and maintaining a happy, high performing mind. Digital Detox Secrets will seriously serve anyone struggling to create the space needed in their lives to really live!” — Rian Doris, Chief Growth Officer, Flow Research Collective


You are the sum of your experiences: the good and the bad. Where there are triumphs, hardships slip seamlessly into the narrative. With every miracle, trauma lurks nearby. This also holds true in the digital world. 

The social revolution has introduced major technological victories, but we must not forget that every revolution invites a fair amount of toxicity. Lisa Buyer’s Digital Detox Secrets guides you on how to survive and thrive in this digital era. Read now to empower, declutter and reprogram. Available today on Amazon. You can also check out Lisa's Female Disruptor feature here.

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