Savanaha Spencer: A Thriving Woman in the Green Industry

Lisa Buyer
March 23, 2021
Savanaha Spencer: A Thriving Woman in the Green Industry

Savanaha Spencer is the co-owner of Spencer Lawn Care, a company offering lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal. She co-owns the business alongside her husband Shawn Spencer. The two work together as influencers in the green industry valuable content and how they use technology such as LMN, to scale and grow their business. She also runs Spencer Media LLC, providing quality video entertainment, how-to’s, and product reviews, all pertaining to the lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal industry. So what is it like working in the field as a woman? How do you run a business with your husband? Read on to find out!

Being a Woman in the Green Industry

Savanaha Spencer loves her job. But she’s only one of few women working in the green industry. She says men business owners should start taking chances on hiring more women. Not only for office work but for fieldwork as well! “There are a lot of us women out there who are willing to get their hands dirty and take charge!”

But overall, Savanaha has enjoyed navigating the industry as a woman. “I believe most people find it refreshing to see a woman doing the work we do,” she said. According to her, there have been more and more women stepping out of their comfort zone and understanding they can do more than what they have been labeled to do.

Partners in Business and Life

Savanaha Spencer runs both of her businesses with her husband. He used to own Spencer Lawn Care LLC but was having a hard time finding motivated and skilled employees. It got so bad that the businesses could have gone under. So Savanaha suggested she come work in the field with him. Without seconding-guessing her suggestion he accepted and it worked! Savannah says not every couple can work in the field as husband and wife. But she 100% enjoys what she does and who she gets to share it with.

The adventure of running a business with her husband has been great for Savanaha Spencer. Before, “he would do it all, and now that I am a part of the whole owner and operator side of things I have a better respect for it all,” she explains. They make it work by balancing knowing what needs to get done and working as a team to get the things accomplished. Her other advice? Constant communication. Working with your husband doesn’t mean you can read his mind!

Savanaha Spencer cutting grass

Tips for Women in the Green Industry

Savanaha Spencer says that if something is of interest to “YOU,” the only way you would know if you actually enjoy it is if you get out there and try it. Do it for “YOU” and not for someone else. That way you have the satisfaction of trying and not giving up. You could really surprise yourself, she says. She explains she has already seen a great deal of growth in the industry when it comes to including women and she believes it will only get better from here!

One of Savanaha Spencer’s goals for 2021 is to make more connections with women in the industry. She also wants to grow her business but adding more people to their business circle. She’s aiming at hiring another crew, people to help in the office, and people to help take some stress off of their hands so they can make more sales, or be at more events for the social media part of the business.

If you want to learn more about how Savanaha influences the lawn and landscape industry, check out this article about how she participated in an entrepreneur mastermind sponsored by LMN (Landscape Management Network).

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