Cary Williams: Olympic Level USA Boxing Coach

Jillian Chabot
September 27, 2021
Cary Williams: Olympic Level USA Boxing Coach

Boxing and Barbells: Hit Sh*t and Get Fit

Athlete (n.): a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise

As the Founder and CEO of Boxing and Barbells fitness certification program, Cary Williams is a true disruptor in the group fitness arena. With a strategy untethered to gender exclusivity and a philosophy that aims to create a synergy between boxing and weightlifting, Cary is working hard to crush the stereotype that boxing is a man’s sport.

“I would love to see more women know that they are strong and capable of anything.” -Cary Williams

Fitness is not just about our bodies, it is about our minds as well. This Female Disruptor uses her intuitive and iconic superpowers to reinstill confidence in women athletes, one training session at a time. To accomplish this, she has established a fitness experience that caters to both the mental and physical aspect of health and fitness.

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Girl’s Got Hands, Meet Cary Williams

Before becoming a coach, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Cary boxed competitively in the amateurs and won the Pacific Northwest Women’s tournament. But regardless of hours spent training and victorious matches, this comment followed her from the first day she entered the ring, until the moment she hung up her gloves: You’re too pretty to be a fighter. The outdated societal mindset that vanity is all a woman is fit to concern herself with is one of the reasons why Cary deepened her (right) hook in the fitness world.

With B&B, Cary champions for femininity and athleticism to co-exist rather than survive as a paradoxical theory. In a 2018 YouTube interview with former athlete and mentor Jabari K Smith, Cary candidly shares a moment she experienced as an Olympic Level USA Boxing Coach.

Prior to a tournament weigh-in, her trainee removed her makeup, slicked her hair back into a ponytail and changed into nondescript clothes. When Cary asked the athlete why she decided to do this, she responded: I want to be taken seriously. Man or woman, anyone can be an athlete. So, why is it that even an Olympic qualifier felt ashamed to showcase any of her feminine qualities while at the tournament? These harmful ideas place young girls and women in a box. But with continuous effort and the help of strong, passionate women, Cary plans to beat down these preconceived notions.

Boxing and Barbells Philosophy

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Cary’s boxing education and programming community is designed for anyone, regardless of experience, credentials and gender. This is a space where women and men can achieve anything they set their minds to, put down the facade and be their authentic selves and tone their muscles and the mind.

Physical and mental fitness is at the heart of the B&B philosophy along with these 5 complementary assets:

  1. Cognitive Engagement: Think before you punch. Understanding the mind-body connection and workings to throwing a proper punch will allow you to enjoy the thrill of each hit and revel in every gain.
  1. Anaerobic & HIIT workout: Implementing boxing and weightlifting yields faster results and increases oxygen consumption. This anaerobic style of exercise burns more calories than the everyday jog. And even when the training session ends, you continue to reap benefits.
  1. Functional Weight Lifting: Creating the perfect balance between legs and core and adding boxing to the mix targets all the major muscle groups in a practical way.
  1. Versatility: Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned fighter, there are infinite ways to surpass your fitness goals and expectations. Cary and her team of coaches teach you how to build more technical combinations and push your boundaries safely. Not to mention - these exercises can be done from anywhere!
  1. Proper Techniques: B&B breaks down the mechanics to avoid injury and dangerous strenuity. Taking the time to teach the structure of boxing and weightlifting rather than jumping right into the fight will ultimately increase your chances of achieving any goal.

To Be An Entrepreneur, You Must Be a Disruptor

Cary consults fitness professionals and business owners on how to successfully establish a brand, franchise your business model and scale your skillset. Chatting with Cary will put you one step closer to becoming a true disruptor in your field.

She says that the key to entrepreneurship is thinking outside of the box and to never stop believing in and pushing your idea. Cary’s coaching and consultation cover the following and beyond:

  • Establishing the foundation for personal training or fitness business
  • Creating a value-based and unique brand identity
  • Communicating value to your audience
  • Sales and marketing for your business
  • Opening your own gym
  • Trademarking and franchising your business

Connect with Cary Williams

If there is a fitness regime that you wish to use but it doesn’t exist yet, then you must create it. Build your authenticity, find a class and get certified at And for tips and stories on all things boxing, business and fitness, be sure to check out Cary’s blog and follow her on Instagram @caryleewilliams and @boxingnbarbells.

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