Meet New Wave Female Disruptor: Kassia Meador

Lisa Buyer
March 25, 2019
Meet New Wave Female Disruptor: Kassia Meador

From recycling wetsuits into yoga mats to organizing beach cleanups to finding good vibes through sound healing, Kassia Meador is on a mission. The Queen of longboard surfing is redefining the environment one wave at a time.

Meet Kassia Meador, Kassia + Surf

Home Base?

Los Angeles, CA

Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

I have always loved the ocean and spent 20 years of my life traveling this beautiful world as a professional surfer. In the past few years, I decided to start to support the next generation of female wave riders by starting a company Kassia + Surf, to make a high vibe low impact on women’s surf wear and empower the current and future generation of women in the water.

When did the entrepreneur light bulb go off?

Surfing to me has always been about empowering myself and inspiring other women to believe in themselves and live their passions.  As well as protecting the environment the best we can focusing on solutions rather than contributing to the waste problem with the way we live our lives around the ocean and the Earths waterways. So it was finally time to do more bringing together all my passions by using my voice and creativity and starting my own company: by women for women created in a conscious inspiring way.

What advice would you give other women wanting to start a biz?

There are no failures only lessons. It’s not about doing something right or the way everyone else does them. It’s about doing the things you feel inspired and empowered by and believing in yourself and getting that message out there to inspire and empower others. Take the step and make your voice dreams and aspirations heard and seen.

Kassia Meador Surfing

How do you bring goodness to the world?

By inspiring other women to live their dreams. Supporting women and other people with meditative sound baths. And creating a high vibe low impact on women’s wetsuits and surf apparel. We also have a wetsuit recycling program where we keep old wetsuits out of landfills and work with a partner to turn them into yoga mats. I also am an ambassador for the Surfrider Foundation, host beach cleanups and a board member for The 5 gyres ocean. Recently, I was in Costa Rica hosting a surf and sound healing retreat and all the attendees got to plant a tree at the local beach through an organization called Barriguiones to revitalize the jungle landscape.

None of us are able to achieve success without some adversity along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?

My mother and father and friends because they’ve always supported me and my wild and adventurous dreams.

What are your “5 Leadership Lessons I Learned From My Experience” and why?

  1. Slow down.
  2. Pay attention to the details when one road closes another opens.
  3. Adjust and flow with how things are going.
  4. Always listen to your instinct and intuition.
  5. Be open to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Favorite “Life Lesson Quote”

Your first instinct is usually the best way to go no matter what anyone says. So many times I have listened to other people’s advice. As much as I feel advice is great everyone has different ways of doing things and whenever I did what other people told me or get stuck in my head rather than leading by my heart and didn’t listen to my intuition it would take me off course.

Is there a person in the world whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why?

Emma Gonzalez. I want to thank her for her bravery and truth and showing the next generation what it looks like to stand up for themselves and speak up for what they believe in.

Secret Talent?

Making super yummy adaptogen rich healthy chocolate.  (In case you are wondering what adaptogen means, we had to Google it.)

What are adaptogens? Adaptogens are unique plants or herbs that support your adrenal system. They help balance your hormones, so you can manage your stress response on a day to day basis.

Super Power?

Full Spectrum CBD by Ojai Energetics. I know about flow state and how important it is to have a healthy endocannabinoid system to achieve it. That’s why I am on the Ojai Energetics Advisory Board.

Zodiac Sign?

Aries sun, libra moon, capricorn rising.

Currently Reading?

The Mother by Sri Aurobindo

Where will social media be in five years?

Hopefully in a more empowering, supportive educational place.

Favorite Drink Order?

I am a tea girl and I love yerba mate.

Favorite Way to Decompress?

Turn my phone on airplane mode and head down to Mexico or Costa Rica for some surfing and sweet vibes with friends while camping and staring at the stars.

Instagram handle?


Women You Admire?

Any and every woman who is standing up for themselves living and speaking their truth and supporting and inspiring others to do the same

What are you most excited about for 2019? Share something you want to promote or latest news/launches for your brand.

I am hoping we can all take better care of ourselves, each other, the animals, plants and this beautiful planet we are so fortunate to live on for future generations.

Her brand mission is to create aquatically functional wetsuits, accessories, and lifestyle gear. KASSIA+SURF is about freedom, empowerment, and enlightenment. Delivering superior quality goods by using ecoconscious production. Future flavor with a classic twist.

Kassia is making some waves with a high vibe low impact for all the mermaids + mermen and aquatic creatures.‍

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