From Crohn’s Disease to Fitness Professional: Stefanie Basso’s Journey

Lisa Buyer
September 13, 2021
From Crohn’s Disease to Fitness Professional: Stefanie Basso’s Journey

At age nine, Stefanie Basso was publicly weighed during gym class. When the scale read 180 pounds, her peers teased and taunted. At age 20, she was diagnosed with anemia, malnourishment, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and underwent five emergency surgeries.

Having lived both sides of the same coin, Stefanie understands all too well what it feels like to be overweight and underweight. Too big, too thin... too anything. But rather than succumb and fold to her health problems and discomfort, these adversities ended up fueling her professional fitness career, road to recovery and coming out story.

Today, Stefanie helps people in all areas of the weight spectrum transform their bodies to reach their healthier and more authentic selves.

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

Living with Crohn’s Disease has not been easy for Stefanie Basso. On top of the daily abdominal pain, nausea and fatigue, she also endured five bowel surgeries. While the intention was to alleviate various issues, it actually orchestrated more problems than it solved. As a result of surgery, Stefanie became physically dependent on opioids and eventually fought her way to recovery.

Weight, addiction, sexuality, isolation. Stefanie is living proof that there are no limits when it comes to building a body and life that you are proud of. From competing and winning body-building competitions to getting her Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition and opening a new training location in San Diego, California, as a Premier Nutritionist, she is the epitome of women empowerment and female disruption.

Steffitness: Holistic Physique, Nutrition & Lifestyle

“I train people out of diets and into their fit body for life.” --Stefanie Basso

Every ounce of ourselves is connected. When there is animosity within a relationship or a detachment in spirituality, this can impact one’s physical and mental health. 

Stefanie uses her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Master’s degree in Sport Psychology, various fitness certifications and Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition to educate college students and clients on the importance of nurturing these three entities: body, mind and spirit. The idea is to transform lives through personal training, nutritional counseling and accountability coaching. 

Stefanie’s Training Courses 

The holistic fitness approach, Steffitness, caters to every single body and takes into account the gene expression, culture and background that makes us all unique. This integrative approach blends diet and lifestyle to improve your overall health and wellness. Stefanie says that the goal is to transform bodies and influence others to make more mindful decisions when it comes to health.

She offers a mobile training app, pure therapeutic ketones, testing, pre-training forms and training sessions, including: 

  • True Transformation: to lose fat, build muscle, improve health markers and improve metabolism
  • Strength Rebuild: to rebuild metabolism and increase muscle volume
  • Champion Contest Prep: to build your best physique and make it to your winning stage
  • Personal Training Sessions: workout in a one-on-one live training session with Stefanie
  • Holistic Nutrition Plans: Stefanie creates a custom nutrition plan for your specific body type and personal fitness goals

Accepting Her Sexuality

Stefanie says that it’s never too late to come out and embrace your authentic self. After being married for five years and having two children with her then husband, Stefanie finally came clean about her same-sex attraction. 

Two years after coming out, she left her abusive relationship, filed for divorce and secured custody of her kids. Today, she and her fiance Erin are happily working together to strengthen and blend their two families as one. 

stefanie basso and her family
“This. Us. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. For a messy house because it means we are blessed with abundance. For tears because it means we're growing stronger. For the lowest lows because we get to experience the highest highs” -- Stefanie on Instagram, 2017

Follow Your Gut & Face Your Fears with Stefanie Basso

Stefanie is a full believer that when someone tells you that you can’t do something it’s an indication of their limitations, not yours. For health tips, daily inspiration, client testimonials and her life behind-the-scenes, follow Stef on Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn and be sure to visit her website for more details on the Steffitness program!

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