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Female Guide to PR, Tech and Wellness

Lisa Buyer
January 15, 2024
Female Guide to PR, Tech and Wellness

How do female disruptors navigate new frontiers in branding, public relations while keeping mental wellness in check?

On the Hustle and Flowchart podcast, hosted by Joe Fier, guest Lisa Buyer, founder of Female Disruptors, delved into the evolving world of public relations, wellness, and technology. This episode highlighted how AI and modern technologies are revolutionizing PR strategies, giving women powerful tools to dominate the media landscape.

Embracing Personal Analytics for Enhanced PR Wellbeing

The discussion emphasized the critical role of personal health analytics, using devices like Fitbit and Aura rings to track key wellness indicators. like sleep and movement. These insights help in understanding the impact of practices like yoga  on mental agility and decision-making – vital competencies in the the fast-paced world of public relations.

AI as a Catalyst in PR Strategies and Results

The integration of AI tools such as Castmagic, ChatGPT, Grammarly and Canva into PR was a key topic, with Lisa Buyer illustrating the importance of creativity and personalized touch to fully leverage technological advantages. The conversation underscored the blend of tech and efficient systems for successful PR outcomes and return on investment.

'The more experience you have in public relations, the better results you can get from platforms and tools like castmagic and ChatGPT," said Buyer. "It takes a PR subject matter expert to fully maximize the results of mixing technology and PR." 

Addressing Burnout with a Wellness Focus

Both Joe and Lisa shared their experiences with burnout, underscoring the necessity of incorporating wellness into business routines. The conversation also shed light on the value of community interaction and feedback in enhancing learning platforms, as seen in Lisa's 'Modern PR Secrets' course.

Understanding PR's Influence on Business

The episode explored the extensive influence of PR in areas like marketing and productivity. Stress and multitasking's effect on PR creativity was a topic, with both speakers advocating for mental clarity exercises and energy work as solutions to business challenges.

The Intersection of Web Three and PR

Buyer's exploration of web 3, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse was discussed as a paradigm shift in PR services towards more generalized training, emphasizing wellness and mindset as crucial for the future of PR and marketing.

The Dynamics of Earned Media vs. Paid Advertising

A significant part of the conversation was dedicated to differentiating earned media from paid advertising, with both Joe and Lisa advocating for the genuineness and trustworthiness of earned media. They shared insights on achieving media coverage and the importance of realistic goals in PR campaigns.

Conclusion: Blending Innovation with Traditional PR Practices

The podcast session wrapped up with practical advice for navigating the modern PR landscape, stressing the role of SEO, engagement with platforms like HARO, and fostering media relationships for enduring PR success.

Overall, the episode served as a comprehensive guide, merging the worlds of public relations, technology, and wellness into a strategic framework tailored for women in PR.

Listen to the entire episode here

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