Cordelia Henry: Empowered Women, Empower Women

Lisa Buyer
July 5, 2021
Cordelia Henry: Empowered Women, Empower Women

At the age of three years old, Cordelia Henry gave her first elevator pitch. Against her mother’s wishes, she walked up to a nearby stranger while on a crowded bus and introduced herself. From then on, it was apparent that she was destined to be an entrepreneur.

The Sisterpreneurial Journey

The key to entrepreneurial, or sisterpreneurial, success is making connections and building long-lasting relationships with others. Cordelia says that every woman is born with this natural ability, and it is her goal to help them tap into their divine feminine intuition.

While working in the male-dominated industry of financial services nearly 40 years ago, Cordelia lacked a sister tribe of her own. She hopes that the Pearlescence community, which she established in 2017, gives women peace of mind in knowing that they are not alone on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Think about your grandmother. Think about your mother. Think about yourself. These powerhouses create a beautiful trifecta of female disruptors. Each generation withstands its trials and tribulations, passing on pure knowledge to the next in line. Eventually, you become the product of your tribe, instilling the same potential and success into others. That is Pearlescence.

Cordelia Henry's Pearlesence Facebook Group

Balancing Work and Family

“When you are trying to build a business, you are often doing it alone… there are going to be challenges you come across that a man would not be able to understand.” — Cordelia Henry

Lisa says that as women, we are expected to work like we don’t have a family and have a family like we don’t work. Cordelia offers 35 years’ worth of tips on how to balance work and family life in a productive and practical way.

  • Stay Organized: Create a daily checklist.
  • Manage Your Expectations: Determine a realistic input and output for the day.
  • You are Enough: Leaving several boxes unchecked does not mean that you were unsuccessful and did not do enough for the day. Simply, place those items at the top of the priority list tomorrow.

Reacting to Adversity

Cordelia brings a multitude of PR experiences to the table, including navigating through pandemic life as a digital newbie. And even though having to rely on something other than organic, face-to-face interaction was unfamiliar to Cordelia, she channeled her love for people, understood the assignment, and learned to adapt. Today, she has nearly 3,000 followers on the Pearlescence Facebook page and strives to grow the community every day, encouraging women of all generations to join the tribe.

Connect with Cordelia Henry

Cordelia believes that empowered women, empower women. If you are a woman who wants to surround yourself with a Tribe of Influencers that endorse your products and services so that you can give back to those who need them, then you are in the right place. Join the Sisterhood 4 Influence & Impact Facebook Page and follow Cordelia on Instagram @sowsowreap, LinkedIn, and Twitter!

Cordelia Henry's Social PR Secrets Podcast Episode

Hear more from Cordelia Henry on the Social PR Secrets Podcast here, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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