Anna Shilina: Opening Minds, Hearts and Doors for Entrepreneurs

Lisa Buyer
July 27, 2021
Anna Shilina: Opening Minds, Hearts and Doors for Entrepreneurs

With two failed businesses and an empty bank account, Anna Shilina took her third shot at entrepreneurship with a vengeance. She is the blueprint for the modern-day female disruptor, entrepreneur, and intrapreneur, channeling struggles into burgeoning successes. As the founder of Akuna X, she coaches business owners to add spirituality to the marketing plan.

Anna Shilina Wisdom: It’s Okay to Ask for Support

The stigma against asking for help is obsolete and officially canceled. Your road to entrepreneurial success does not have to be a lonely one. And while we arrive into this world alone and leave it in the same manner, Anna says that the time in-between should be spent surrounded by shakers, or people who hold you to a higher standard. If you find yourself moving through life with a consistent feeling of content, then you aren’t striving to push the boundaries.

Expect more from yourself.

Try to dedicate 90 minutes of your time doing what you’re passionate about. And remember, support must come from within and around, and Anna is here to help with the latter… and perhaps subsequently the former, too.

Anna’s masterclass, One Simple Shift Missing for 97% of Six-Figure Digital Entrepreneurs, is a spiritual roadmap to creating an attainable, successful business. Her step-by-step strategy is a replica of what she wishes was accessible during her own journey.

Take a leap and accept Anna’s support if you:

  • Are often exasperated and have privately fantasized about selling your business even though you know that it’s not necessarily in the cards.
  • Seek operational ease but struggle to obtain such a flow.
  • Get easily distracted and often end your day unsure whether you have excelled forward or not.
  • Set goals and achieve them but find that the wins are fleeting.
  • Have a hard time letting go of the reins and asking for help.

This may not be right for you if you:

  • Enjoy the daily rush of putting out fires and navigating red tape.
  • Nail every strategy you implement, know exactly what to prioritize, and succeed in every single thing that you do.
  • Want to continue to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • End each workday feeling as if you’ve mastered it.

Book: The Mystery & Magic of Depression: 7 Steps to the Other Side

Anna Shilina
Anna Shilina

Happiness and depression are the ultimate paradox and dichotomy. They are two sides of the same coin, just as day and night, rich and poor. Unfortunately, every person who experiences pleasure and joy is subject to unlocking the most unpleasant feelings: yearning, longing, aching, and eventually, sorrow.

Contributing to the cure for entrepreneurial and everyday loneliness, Anna’s The Mystery & Magic of Depression: 7 Steps to the Other Side imbues curiosity, connects you to your inner child, and shows you how to access the magic within. She says that this book is designed to open minds, hearts, and doors to healing, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and health, while not feeling alone and isolated.

Romanticize Your Life

“Fall in love with the process of self-mastery…we’re never ‘done’ with healing. There’s nowhere to be but here and now; exactly with the process that’s unfolding.” – Anna Shilina

Anna encourages you to adopt a main character’s mentality. As mentioned before, it’s important to “cast” the shakers and movers in your life. Soaking in and feeding off of negative energy can easily change your entire mood and mindset. So, of course, the same applies when you surround yourself with epic, trusting, and competent people. These positive influences will benefit your business and personal life seamlessly.

Breathe, Receive and Surrender with Anna Shilina

Business is a spiritual practice. Follow Anna on Instagram and visit her website to discover real-life applicable techniques with metaphysical principles that will earn you a profitable, scalable, and celebratory business.

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