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About Female Disruptors


Our mission

We spotlight women who are disruptors in their space. They know their flow. They are the flow. They share the flow. They keep going. They do not look back.

We help inspire future female disruptors and offer advocacy, education and inspiration to get from point a to point b when you feel lost and alone.

Female Disruptors is a passion project by Lisa Buyer. It’s mission is to spotlight women who are disruptors in their space. You don’t need a best selling book to be a female disruptor, you need passion, vision, focus. compassion, determination and a burning desire to share this with the world.

Breaking down barriers whether it’s glass ceilings, algorithms, systems, regulations, traditions, accusations, equations.

Inspiring hashtags #LeanIn #MeToo #NeverAgain #BalanceForBetter #EqualPay #FemaleDisruptors #SheInspiresMe

Why did Lisa Buyer start Female Disruptors?

To help unite women and give sparks of ambition and courage to the women who need it. Some women don’t even realize they are disruptors, they have the power to lead and be change agents.

We want the future female disruptors to have a better path, one that is without adversity, one that is equal, balanced and fair without fear, discrimination or harassment


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to the girls of the future: we promise to keep doing the work so you have a better and more equal tomorrow❤️

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How did the idea of Female Disruptors come about?

We caught up with Lisa …

“I started writing for Medium’s Authority Magazine by Yitzi Weiner in 2018 and spotlighting women who were in my definition a female disruptor. The positivity and inspiration from the women I was interviewing was moving not only to me, but to the women being interviewed. It was an opportunity for them to share their story and secrets.

The idea of taking female disruptors to the next level came to me while in a yoga class. When you create space in your mind and body for opportunity, it shows up. I thought to look up the domain femaledisruptors.com on GoDaddy, it was available, I bought it and decided to take female disruptors to the next level.

To give an official platform for all the female disruptors in the world to live and learn by,” she said.

About Lisa Buyer

Lisa Buyer is a PR disruptor, connector, author, entrepreneur, founder, mom, wife and friend.

Her agency – The Buyer Group, a Social PR agency est. in 2006

Her book – Social PR Secrets with foreword by Guy Kawasaki

Her location –  Celebration, Florida

Her kids – Kennedy, Audrey, Grant

Her husband – Don Hempel

Her hashtag – #FemaleDisruptors

Lisa Buyer’s Fave Men Who Demonstrate Female Disruptor Support

Larry Kim

Brett Tabke

Joe Laratro

Marty Weintraub

Special thanks to those who made this site possible with no budget and no time

Londyn  Swanson

Andy Duenas

Matt Craine

Jay Woolwine


Do you know a female disruptor? Let us know by emailing femaledisruptors at thebuyergroup dot com.